CodeMastery: Unlock Your Revenue

Get Paid More, Reduce Coding Headaches,
Win the Coding Game

Complexity of Coding

Program Description:

  • One year program with option to extend
  • Quarterly meetings to create a baseline, set goals, and measure progress
  • Assure that the coders are adding value to your business
  • Transform your financial performance

Background on Our ‘Why’ for Creating this Program:

  • Every practicing physician potentially leaves hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table each year because they haven’t mastered the game,
  • The insurance companies have enough money (in our humble opinion, they don’t need to be keeping yours),
  • The trend is driven by insurance companies,
  • The rise in CPC training and certification programs is putting downward pressure on codes and reimbursement (this favors the payers),
  • Most coders focus on Coding for Compliance, not Coding for Opportunity,
  • If you don’t document it, it’s not recognized,
  • There’s a high price for not knowing how to play the game.

What You’ll Get Out of This Program:

  • Get credit and get paid for the work you’re already doing for your patients,
  • Coding and documentation shortcuts to maximize revenue,
  • Individualized measurable and actionable feedback, and
  • Estimated 10-20% increase in revenue per year.
Price: a very small percentage of your increased revenue. Interested in learning more about the CodeMastery Program? Fill out the form below.

Interested in learning more about the CodingMastery? Fill out the form below.