Revenue Cycle Management

Are you being paid by insurance companies as much as possible and as fast as possible? Is your coding optimized? Are you actively managing your claim denials?

Choose the option that’s right for you or request your no cost revenue cycle review.

Managing and maximizing your revenue is the lifeblood of your practice. Too many practices don’t have the best processes in place to achieve and maintain control over critical billing, coding, collections and claims management functions. This is often true even with practices who think they have strong systems in place. Have you had an objective assessment recently?

The difference between medical billing and expert, comprehensive revenue cycle management can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to a healthcare practice.

RCM Dashboard

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The up-to-date knowledge required to keep current on frequent changes in coding requirements can have a major financial impact on your business and is daunting and time-consuming. Patient balance collections depend on persistence and diplomacy that are often in short supply by overtasked internal staff.

Objective, expert analysis of revenue trends and challenges is also vital and it’s easy to miss a key indicator that can cost your practice massive amounts in lost or uncaptured revenue that you have earned and to which you are entitled.

Our team provides high-quality RCM services for many healthcare practices and most specialties and subspecialties. We work with multiple EMR systems and are proud to perform at or better than MGMA’s 90th percentile on our revenue cycle metrics.

We offer three different options for our RCM clients, from hourly, à la carte services to comprehensive RCM packages. Let us put our expertise to work for you and deploy our team of experienced experts to manage your revenue cycle and processes for optimal coding, faster payments, fewer denied claims and maximized reimbursement. (We even offer interim billing manager support if you need temporary leadership in that role.)

Be sure to check out our no-risk, no-brainer performance guarantee in the Features Comparison chart below. Also, check out our a la carte, hourly RCM services below the comparison chart.

RCM à la carte Options

  • supplemental/overflow biller(s)
  • biller recruitment
  • coding training
  • registration workflows
  • denied claims analysis
  • interim billing manager

No-Risk, No-Brainer Performance Guarantee for RCM Power Team +

We’re so confident in our ability to increase your revenue above your baseline from optimal revenue cycle management that if you don’t increase your collections as a percentage of your billings by more than the cost of our services, we will pay you back the difference! You literally can’t lose money working with us!

We’ve got your back!

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