Our Partners

Welcome to our Partners page – we are delighted to work with many high caliber professionals who specialize in working with medical and dental practices.  It is our pleasure to list them as partners, colleagues and friends.  We encourage you to reach out to them should you need their services.

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Spectrum Information Services NW, Inc. is the Northwest’s leading provider of scanning services and information management solutions for automating medical practices and business operations.  Our services include the following:

  • Medical records scanning
  • Accounts receivable solution with a secure lockbox that includes a searchable archive and the ability to convert paper payments into 835 EFT files.
  • Release of Information services for providing copies of patient records.
  • Inexpensive and easy to use secure messaging platform.
  • We also provide claims processing services for third party administrators.

Contact: Greg Mennegar – 425-829-2361 or GMennegar@sisnwinc.com

Franey & Associates is a consulting practice and management services company that is focused on transformation—individual, practice, organization, industry and/or population—within the health care field.  Our clients include the provider segment of the industry—medical and dental groups, hospitals and health delivery systems—as well as coordinated and accountable care organizations and communities.  The consulting work spans:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business start-up and development
  • Delivery and payment model design
  • Clinical integration
  • Governance & organization structuring
  • Organizational development
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Analytics & measurement
  • Other operational, quality and financial consulting services

Contact: Steve Franey – 503.929.8945 or steve@franeyassociates.com




Norwest Contractors – “There’s No Rule Great Design has to be expensive.”  Using our proprietary process, Integrated Design + Construction + Budget, we creatively design and build energizing spaces that express the identities, and enhance the success of our medical and dental clients.  Essential to the integrated process is the Norwest DesignLab, a first of its kind commercial design facility that provides Clients a full range of design options to help visualize and cost-compare design layout, themes, colors, fixtures &finishes in one convenient place.

  • Your project manager and designer work and budget together at the outset to uncover issues, brainstorm possibilities, and present you innovative options.
  • Avoid hassles, guesswork and costly “surprises.”
  • A great space on time, and within your budget.

Contact:  Jim Lampus – 503-291-6986 ext. 30 or jlampus@norwestgc.com or www.norwestgc.com



Pension Planners Northwest provides Third Party Administration and Consulting services for 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans.  Founded 1986 and based in Eugene, Oregon, PPNW professionals assist medical and dental groups with retirement plan design, operation and compliance.  General services include:

  • Plan Design and Plan Document Drafting
  • Government Compliance Testing, Reporting and Filings
  • Plan Financial Reporting and Trust Accounting
  • Fiduciary Consulting and Guidance

Contact:  Tom Cooper – 503-805-7394 or tcooper@ppnw.net or www.ppnw.net


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Preisz Associates, Inc. is a financial services firm dedicated to helping people…Be Financially Secure.

We have served both individuals and organizations for the past 27 years.  We ensure quality client service by employing a staff dedicated to our professional values:  a servant’s heart, life long learning and community involvement.  We help people to Be Financially Secure with the following:

  • Fee-based Financial Planning
  • Fee-based Wealth Management
  • Life Insurance (Business and Individual)
  • Long Term Care Plans (Business and Individual)
  • Qualified Group Retirement Plans
  • Nonqualified Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Group Medical, Dental, Disability and Life Insurance

Contact: Michael Preisz – (503) 224-1600 or michael@preisz.com<mailto:michael@preisz.com> or www.preisz.com



Riverview Community Bank – Medical Banking Group provides an array of banking products and services to medical clinics, private practices, physicians, dental practices and dentists. The service model we use in providing our products and services is unique in the banking industry. We also have extensive industry knowledge by serving on hospital boards and through our activities with medical/dental groups. Our products and services include the following:

  • Commercial lines of credit
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Commercial loans for equipment and tenant improvements
  • Commercial loans to purchase medical and dental practices
  • Personal loans for residential mortgages
  • Business and personal deposit products
  • Trust services through our subsidiary Riverview Asset Management Company

Contact:  Steve Plambeck – 503.735.5709 or steveplambeck@riverviewbank.com or www.riverviewbank.com



Scribe – X is a medical scribe staffing firm providing real time documentation for any physician using an EMR.  Managing medical documentation has become an onerous task.  Medical scribes — highly trained documentation specialists — have been used for years in emergency departments with marked improvement in clinical efficiency, physician job satisfaction, and revenue. Scribes operate and enter data into the EMR during the clinic encounter, completing the chart note in real time as the doctor interviews and examines the patient.  Scribes are now entering the clinic environment, and by delegating the work of clinical documentation to a scribe, physicians can:

  • Increase their face-to-face time with patients
  • Reduce overall time spent on non-clinical activities
  • Improve clinic operating efficiency
  • Dramatically increase clinic revenue
  • Substantially improve physicians’ job satisfaction, and
  • Enhance the patient experience

Contact:  Warren Johnson – 503.896.8440 or Warren@scribe-x.com or www.scribe-x.com


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TSI (Transworld Systems Inc) works with medical and dental practices of all sizes and specialties, assisting them with creating customized A/R policies and implementing internal tools to help increase cash flow for the practice, while reducing overhead.  TSI, in business since 1970, provides cost effective Accelerator and Profit Recovery programs to streamline the internal collections process. Benefits include:

  • Staff stays in control of the collection process
  • No percentage taken – accounts are worked on a flat-fee basis (special pricing and terms for HePS clients!)
  • Highest recovery rates in the industry
  • National Executive partner to MGMA; HFMA peer-reviewed; AMA-supported program
  • Free interfaces available for most billing software
  • All patient payments/phone calls directed to the practice

Contact: Lisa Swan – 503.449.8444 or Lisa.Swan@Transworldsystems.com or http://web.transworldsystems.com/LSwan