Mergers & Consolidations

Given the major changes in the healthcare landscape, many groups are contemplating merging or consolidating within a specialty or into a multi-specialty group. Potential mergers initially look promising to each party, and while many mergers are successful, none are easy.

Third-party objective advice, and guidance are always beneficial – and often vital – to achieving a successful merger. Health e Practices has extensive experience in analyzing insurance contract rates, payor mix and patient volumes to assess the financial impacts of merging. We also create combined financial forecasts, providing a clear picture of what the merged entity would look like.
Even more important than the financial aspect, we enter into conversations with each organization about leadership and cultural issues that merging groups are likely to face. We also create comprehensive project and operational plans to provide guidance and leadership during the process.

Thinking of joining up or selling? We’re happy to talk pros and cons, or get to planning with you.