Jill Arena – CEO


Jill is the CEO of Health e Practices, LLC and leads its operations. She is a nationally recognized expert in medical practice finance and operations, as well as revenue cycle management and leadership development. She is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded several different entities and is a frequent speaker and convener in the medical community.

She earned her Fellowship from the American College of Medical Practice Executives in 1999, and she currently serves on the boards of several physician groups in a key advisor role. She is the author of Physician, Heal Thy Financial Self, which is written for physicians who want to master the finances of their practices, and she produces a weekly podcast for physicians and administrators, called Medical Money Matters.

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Jill has guided the launch of more than 90 new medical clinics in multiple states. During her work with Health e Practices, she has served several medical groups in interim leadership positions as CEO and Administrator while helping them to conduct successful national recruitment efforts.

Given her passion for leadership development, she co-founded The Physician Leadership Project in 2020, which is a yearlong program for high potential physician leaders. Working with the faculty at that not-for-profit, she enjoys convening groups of physicians and walking with them through their professional development into formal leadership roles.

Jill derives a great deal of professional satisfaction from guiding clients through important transitions in their practices to ensure that their businesses thrive. She wholeheartedly believes that the practice of medicine can and should be both financially viable and joyful.