Anne Hirsch, MD – Medical Director, Senior Consultant & Peer Physician Coach

Dr. Hirsch is an internal medicine physician with over 30 years of experience. She is also a certified peer Physician Coach and is welcoming new clients. Her mission as a coach is to help physicians and other medical professionals to reach their full potential and alleviate some of the stress associated with practicing medicine.

Her goal is to help physicians to see beyond the frustrations of their medical practices and move toward designing a medical practice and a life that they love and find to be fulfilling. She works with clients to find work-life harmony to allow them to continue to practice their beloved profession in a way that sustains and motivates them.

She has a great passion for helping other physicians understand the coding and billing system so they can maximize their reimbursement and be paid fairly for their long hours of work and all of the care they render to their patients. She has helped to develop Health e Practices’ CodeMastery Program and enjoys working with physicians in all specialties on both rote CPT coding and on HCC coding as well.

In her free time, Anne plays the flute in the Tualatin Valley Community Band, and she also plays the piano. She has a lifelong love of learning, and she thus also loves to read, walk, and ride her bicycle.