Reimbursement Maximization

Optimal reimbursement is the financial lifeblood of medical practices. Yet many practices leave “money on the table” in a variety of ways:

  • Denied claims due to incorrect patient information
  • Claims never filed
  • Claims filing backlogs
  • Coding errors due to missed code changes
  • Coding errors from inexperienced billers and providers
  • Lack of follow up on denied claims
  • Inconsistent review and renegotiation of payer contracts

These avoidable missteps cost practices hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Take back control of your revenue!

Our Reimbursement Maximization Program for healthcare practices includes:

  • Denied Claims Recovery
  • Claims Filing Catchup
  • Aging Claims Resolution
  • Coding Analysis and Improvement
  • Insurance Reimbursement Rate Negotiations

We also provide fractional Billing/RCM Managers for practices who need interim help during personnel transitions or extended absences.

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