Partnership Agreements/Succession Planning

Partnership Agreements

Adding a new partner to your practice (or being invited to join one) is an exciting prospect!

Partnerships succeed based on the alignment of the parties, their shared interests and their mutual benefits. Healthcare organizations can benefit from our experience as unbiased, third-party consultants because we can objectively advise all parties and facilitate the agreement based on common ground, shared interests and mutual benefits. We also can help guide and facilitate the inevitable conflicts to keep you on track to a promising partnership agreement.

Succession Planning

Are you or one of your key leaders facing an upcoming transition? What are the future plans for your organization in the face of that change? Succession planning for leadership positions in a medical practice is vital. Frequently it isn’t taken into serious consideration until it is imminent.

We guide our clients to “begin with the end in mind” and help them plan 2-5 years into the future for major transitions. We walk you through all the necessary details, including the financial and business requirements of the transition. With this kind of advance planning, the process goes smoothly and the practice is safeguarded.

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