Interim Leadership

Many medical groups periodically need to hire or replace a CEO, Administrator or Clinic Manager. Too often, a strong candidate is not readily available, and a regional or national search must be conducted. This process of finding the right fit with a great candidate can take several months, leaving the practice with a need for interim leadership.

Health e Practice has helped medical groups of all sizes bridge the temporary leadership gap by providing experienced C-Suite leaders, Administrators, or Clinic Managers. During this period, our interim leaders have improved operations, right-sized teams and performed other challenging work to position the new leader for success from day one.

Additionally, an interim leadership period is often a timely opportunity to conduct an objective, third-party business and operations assessment as well an opportune time to deal with other challenging organizational issues. Health e Practices, through its interim leader, can also support your group with a clinic operations & workflow assessment and can also assist with the recruitment process for your new C-Suite leader or Administrator.

Even if you only need temporary leadership to cover a short-term medical leave, sabbatical or planned vacation, Health e Practices can tailor interim work to fit your organization’s needs and your budget. Call 877-394-2750 now to speak with one of our consultants!

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