Coding Transformation Program

Get Paid More, Reduce Coding Headaches

Coding Transformation Program

Program Description:

  • One year program
  • Four quarterly meetings to create a baseline, set goals, and measure progress.
  • Then celebrate your wins
  • Price: a very small percentage of your increased revenue
  • Assure that the coders are adding value to your business
  • Transform your financial performance

Background on Our ‘Why’ for Creating this Program:

  • The trend is driven by insurance companies
  • Downward pressure on codes and reimbursement (this favors the payers)
  • Rise in CPC training and certification programs
  • The myth of the coding audit – lots of urban legend about them… we see very few in reality
  • If you don’t document it, it’s not recognized
  • Every practicing physician potentially leaves hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table each year because they haven’t mastered the game
  • The insurance companies have enough money (in our humble opinion)
    • They don’t need to be keeping yours
  • Coders in general are not coding assertively
  • There’s a price for not knowing how to play the game

What You’ll Get Out of This Program:

  • Create continuous, healthy feedback loops with your coders
  • Help physicians code accurately and correctly to maximize reimbursement
  • Get credit and paid for the work you’re already doing
  • Complexity of the patient impacts the decision making you’re already doing
  • Understand the benefit of documenting and coding routine work that you do

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