Change Navigation

When Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote 2,500 years ago that “change is the only constant in life,” he might have been future-gazing into 21st Century healthcare in the U.S.

Healthcare practices deal with change all the time – some better than others. While change is predictable – and sometimes exciting for good reasons – it’s also often stressful, disruptive and even chaotic.

Some of the most common change issues in healthcare practice include:

  • Personnel changes
  • Insurance reimbursement changes (contracts, CPT codes, regulatory changes, etc.)
  • Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations
  • Location changes
  • Technology changes (EMR, medical devices, new apps, AI and machine learning, etc.)
  • Operational and process changes
  • New service or program introductions

The best way to successfully navigate the often-turbulent “sea changes” in healthcare practice is to plan ahead and develop a process for minimizing the negatives and maximizing the positives inherent in change. (Ben Franklin, another famous philosopher, said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”)

Health e Practices consultants bring decades of experience to helping medical practices prepare for change through developing and managing the change process.

Our Change Navigation Program includes:

  • Operational Assessment
  • M&A Change Navigation
  • Personnel Change Navigation (providers, staff)
  • Process Change Navigation
  • Location Change Navigation

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